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Do you only really need your landline for your broadband ?
Do you use the inclusive minutes on your mobile phone first?
Are your quaterly phone bills £80 or more and you cannot work out why ?

Here at we offer:
  • Low cost
  • Easy to understand monthly billing
  • Low call charges that are the same anytime of day, any day of the week, offering "Peace of mind".
  • Monthly contract - You are not tied in and no penalty charges for leaving us
  • We only bill for the calls you have made.
  • You never pay in advance for Prepaid / Inclusive calls you may never make
  • 24/7 365 UK based customer support

  • For our complete landline Phone Tariff and call features like "Choose to Refuse"

      Business Phone line
      Calls charges as below
      Business phone Line rental £15.00 Inc VAT per month
      Automatically includes Level 2 support (Level 3 available)

      Level 2 support provides a clear by 23:59hrs next day,
      Monday to Saturday, excluding Public and Bank holidays.
      E.G. Report issue on Tuesday, clear Wednesday.
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    Line Rental
    Inc VAT
    Call Charge per minute
    Inc VAT
    Call connection charge
    Inc VAT
    Cost rounded up
    Minute - Penny
    Cost of a 30 second call (Rounded up price where applicable)
    Minimum Contract
    Prepaid Anytime
    call charge
    Per month
    Prepaid Evening &
    Weekend calls
    Per month
    Website &
    2 pence
    2 pence
    3 pence
    1 Month
    *monthly billing
    charges for calls you may never make!
    charges for calls you may never make!
    Join us
    15 pence
    23 pence
    38 pence
    12 month
    Additional £9.99PM
    Additional £4.50PM
    BTs' Tariff
    LLU (See below)
    11.5 pence
    16.9 pence
    28.04 pence (29p)
    12 month
    £8 PM **
    Additional £4.00 PM **
    Skys Tariff
    LLU (See below)
    15 pence
    20 pence
    29.2 pence
    12 month
    Tariff unclear
    Tariff unclear
    TalkTalks Tariff
    Only available if broadband taken as well
    12.54 pence
    19.00 pence
    31.54 pence (32p)
    12 month
    Additional £6.50 pm
    Additional £3.50 pm
    Plusnets Tariff
    Virgin Media
    Cable (see below)
    10.06 pence
    17.50 pence
    27.56 pence
    18 month
    Additional £8pm **
    Additional £4.60pm **
    Virgins Tariff
    Post Office*
    LLU (See below)
    10 pence
    16.00 pence
    26 pence
    12 Month
    But LLU see note 2 below
    Additional £7 pm
    Additional £2.50 pm
    PO Tariff
    LLU. An LLU provider will, where possible, move your phone line away from the BT infrastructure and run it through their own network.

    What does this mean ? It means that when the time comes to move your phone line anyway from your LLU provider either to another LLU provider or back to the BT network where you can access multiple ISP's, you will either have to commit to another long contract (18 to 24 months) with the new provider or pay a connection charge of up to £95 or a combination of both.
    The phone line from your exchange to your premises will still be managed by BT. You have to go through your LLU provider as the supplying 3rd party for any maintenance issues.

    Cable only. This is a completely seperate cable to your premises, you could also have a BT supplied line at the same time

    Pre paid, annual "Saver" line rentals offered by our competitors, do not have any calls included, you will have to sign up to a call plan at an additional cost or pay their high call charges as detailed.As an example Click Here for the Post Office.

    Our table above is only a small concise snapshot of the most regularly applied charges. Although our competitors tariffs are often difficult to understand, we advise you to read all tariffs carefully (see links above)

    *Sky prices from 1st March 2017
    **In some cases the deals offered by our competitors are not available without signing up to other services.
    All prices include VAT - prices correct at the time of publishing this webpage.
    for the professional service with the personal touch   
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