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  Website hosting

We are pleased to be able to offer good value
professional website hosting, which includes:

  • 450Mb of webspace
  • Unlimited band width
  • Webmail & Email Virus Scanner
  • IMAP Support
  • Custom MX Records
  • Cloud Linux secruity
  • FTP account
  • MySQL Databases
  • Database Backups

    All this and much more for £40 per year or £4.99 per month

  • Is your website mobile device ready

    Is your website mobile device ready?
    Click here to find out

    If not you will lose visitors and either face an expensive
    website rebuild OR you can use our website
    Mobiliser system TODAY!

    Run a basic test conversion.
    You will be able to see how your website will look on various
    mobile devices from an Iphone and Android devices as well as Blackberry etc.
    Click here to try it out

    Instructions: Simply enter your websites URL in the box in the top right and press "Try your site" then allow several minutes for the conversion to complete. ( it will not interfere with your live site)

    Select the buttons in the middle to try each device.
    You should also be able to test the links in the site

    Managed service for £100 per year or £10.00 per month

    Contact us to find out more

    Click here to access your paid hosting control panel
    for the professional service with the personal touch   
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